Important: We’re Moving from Direct Debit to Card Payments

O’Brien Media’s Shift to Card Payments

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital services, adaptability and fiscal prudence are paramount in delivering value without compromising on quality.

O’Brien Media is taking a strategic step forward by transitioning from Direct Debit to card payments, a move meticulously designed with our customer’s best interests in mind, especially during these challenging times for small businesses.

An Early Start

A communication regarding this transition was recently dispatched prematurely, leading to some confusion.

We wish to clarify that this change is a thoughtful adaptation to the changing financial landscape and technological requirements.

The reliance on Direct Debit, though reliable, has become increasingly costly due to heightened fees and the need for new integration with our CRM and billing system, Midas. Implementing these changes would have necessitated a price increase, a measure we endeavoured to avoid to alleviate the financial pressure on our valued clients.

Why Card Payments?

The shift to card payments, initially scheduled for April, is aimed at reducing operational expenses and averting price adjustments. Although this transition commenced sooner than anticipated due to an oversight during testing, it aligns with our commitment to maintain affordability and transparency.

Card payments will simplify the billing process, offering a more streamlined and flexible payment experience. You will notice a more distinct descriptor on your bank statements, ensuring clarity with every transaction.

What to Expect Next

Shortly, we will be issuing new card payment mandates. To assure authenticity, your mandate will be sent directly as a reply to this email. Moreover, we are preparing both digital and postal communications to officially confirm this adjustment. This strategy ensures that all our customers are thoroughly informed and comfortable with the change.

Transitioning to card payments also introduces several advantages:

  • Enhanced Transparency: The descriptor on your bank statement will accurately reflect the services provided.
  • Continued Notifications: You can expect the same level of communication regarding renewal notifications and receipts.
  • Simplified One-off Payments: The new system facilitates easier one-off payments through links sent via email and text messages.

Immediate Changes

With immediate effect, we will cease collecting payments via Direct Debit. Your mandate will be marked as “Cancelled” in your bank account shortly, reflecting this new direction. It may take your bank some time to update the status of the mandate but you can cancel it yourself should you wish as we no longer have the ability to request payments via the Direct Debit mandate.

We are working on updating our website, and the wording on automated emails such as the renewal reminders, should we not be able to implement these changes in time you may see references to Direct Debit payments, or the need to have a Direct Debit mandate in place – you can ignore this – although we have taken steps to prevent automated renewals and emails from being sent in the short term while these changes are made to our systems.

Our Commitment Moving Forward

While the initial phase of this transition was not as smooth as anticipated, we are dedicated to ensuring this change benefits our customers as much as possible. We recognise the importance of cost-efficiency and ease of transactions for small businesses, particularly in these uncertain times. By opting for card payments, we aim to maintain prices for the medium term and offer a payment experience that meets the high standards you expect from O’Brien Media.

We appreciate your understanding and patience as we implement this change together. A comprehensive announcement will follow before the end of the week, providing further details and addressing any queries you may have.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in O’Brien Media. Together, we will continue to adapt and flourish, ensuring that your digital services remain exemplary without imposing undue financial burdens.