What your phone number reveals about your business in 2023


In today’s digital landscape, your online persona is crucial for your enterprise. You’ve likely invested considerable time and resources to ensure your website mirrors your brand’s ethos. But have you ever paused to ponder what your telephone number conveys about your business? The original blog post by O’Brien Media delved into this subject, examining the implications of various types of telephone numbers for businesses. However, consumer expectations and industry standards have evolved, warranting a fresh look at this topic.

Mobile Numbers: No Longer Just for On-the-Go Businesses

Mobile numbers are not solely for businesses that are always on the move. With the rise of remote working and digital nomad lifestyles, a mobile number can signify flexibility and modernity. However, it’s crucial to strike a balance with professionalism. If you’re operating a business that necessitates a more conventional office setting, relying solely on a mobile number may not be adequate.

Virtual Numbers: A Balanced Approach

Virtual numbers have gained traction as they allow businesses to appear as though they have a physical office location. These numbers can be rerouted to your mobile phone, offering the flexibility of a mobile number whilst maintaining the facade of a stable, office-based enterprise.

Geographic or Landline Numbers: A Symbol of Trustworthiness

Geographic numbers continue to carry weight, particularly for local enterprises. They project an image of a stable, rooted company. With the advent of VoIP services, you can now have a geographic number that also redirects to your mobile, offering both stability and versatility.

Freephone Numbers: A Two-Sided Coin

Freephone numbers can attract customers who prefer not to incur call charges. However, with the ubiquity of mobile plans offering inclusive minutes, the allure of freephone numbers has somewhat waned. Moreover, some mobile operators may still levy charges for these calls, which could deter prospective customers.

Premium Numbers: Exercise Caution

Whilst not discussed in the original post, premium numbers (like 0845 for customer service) can be off-putting for customers who are cautious of high call charges. These numbers are best avoided unless they provide a service that genuinely justifies the expense.

The Customer’s Choice: Transparency is Key

In an era where information is abundant, customers appreciate having choices. Providing multiple contact numbers (mobile, geographic, freephone) along with transparent information on call charges can significantly contribute to building trust and transparency.


Your telephone number is more than just a point of contact; it’s a statement about your enterprise. As consumer expectations shift, it’s vital to adapt and select the telephone number that best aligns with your business model and customer base.