New website for J’s Electrical, Swindon

J's Electrical, a provider of quality electrical services for domestic and commercial customers in the Swindon area needed a new website to better showcase the range of work that they do and that allowed them to easily update photographs of work carried out and testimonials from satisfied customers. We used the Drupal content management system (CMS) to enable J's Electrical to update...
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EU Cookie Law Means Changes for Websites

On May 26th 2012 the new EU "cookie law" will come into effect in the UK. This law will require businesses to significantly change how their websites function as well as bringing about changes to the online shopping experiences of internet users throughout Europe.    The new law applies to all organisations that operate a website in the EU, this includes organisations...
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Memo: Removing/adding tags with Git

More for my own reference than anything but if you ever need to delete a tag from a Git remote repository, this is for you: For a tag called "v1.4" you'd just need to issue the following commands: git tag -d v1.4 git push origin :refs/tags/v1.4 That will remove the 'v1.4' tag from the repository you're working on. To add a tag: git tag v1.4 git push origin master --tags
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Another day, another domain renewal scam

Just a brief warning about a new (to me at least) domain name renewal scam that seems to be doing the rounds. This one comes from a sender with the name "Domain Registration Ending" (email address and is very generic (view the email) - as these type of scam emails tend to be - in the hope that you'll assume it's a legitimate email informing you...
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Could Direct Debit payments help your business?

We've recently integrated GoCardless as a payment solution into our customer management and billing system which has given us a great foundation to integrate GoCardless into your website or to enable you to 'request' payments from your customer for invoices issued in 'offline' software such as your accounting package. GoCardless offers your business the opportunity to accept Direct Debit...
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Newsletter style leaflet for South Swindon Labour Party

Newsletter style leaflet design for South Swindon Labour party. If you represent a CLP, are a member of the PLP, an MP or Councillor or even a PPC and want a website, newsletter or leaflet designed please get in touch for preferential rates from a designer who is a member of the Labour Party (the advice is free!)! We also offer a discounted print service to CLP's - email...
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