Microformats and Business Websites

Microformats?  First you probably want to know what they are, well the Microformats website describes them as: a way of adding simple markup to human-readable data items such as events, contact details or locations, on web pages, so that the information in them can be extracted by software and indexed, searched for, saved, cross-referenced or combined. 1 So why is support...
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When Social Media Goes Awry

Or why you should consider more than just 'posting a status update' when posting a status update! Usually status updates on Facebook can be great for encouraging followers of your brand to interact with you, and at the same time keep your brand in the front of their mind. A major UK hotel chain usually gets this very right, posting interactive status updates and questions on a Friday...
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Say no to noreply In Your Customer Emails

Some businesses can be forgiven for using email addresses that do not reach a person in their email communications with customers, but these are few and far between and usually have a very good reason.  For example, banks are actually protecting you from yourself when they don't let you reply to emails they send.  Email is pretty insecure and you really wouldn’t want to be...
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Twitter – it really is all about the conversation…

Maybe the title of this post should have been “Why Automated DM’s on Twitter are Killing your Reputation”, but I hate long (and negative!) titles so that one didn’t make the cut. But seriously, the only person who thinks that receiving an automated direct message (DM) on Twitter is “cool” is the person setting it up.   Usually the decision to send out...
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New Website for Anne Snelgrove, Labour Party PPC

The finishing touches are being put to the new website for Anne Snelgrove the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Labour Party in South Swindon. The website features a blog, static content pages and integration of social media tools to facilitate sharing of blog content and other elements on the website. As a twitter user, Anne's website features her tweets...
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A Fresh New Design For Manor Solutions’ Website

Back in 2007 we were commissioned to design a new website for one of Swindon's oldest PC and Laptop repair specialists, Manor Solutions. Based in Cheney Manor, Manor Solutions had found that their existing website no longer offered the flexibility they needed to be able to effectively showcase their range of refurbished laptop and desktop computers which can change on a daily...
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