New Website for Hydra Industrial Services

O'Brien Media are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Hydra Industrial Services in Swindon. Dispute being a well known name in the Fire Protection and Sprinkler industry this is the first website for Hydra and it has been designed to take advantage of an ever increasingly "tech-savvy" target market where having instant access to contact information and locating...
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Event Registration Website for BP LPG

An easy to use 'front-end' website to enable delegates to BP LPG's 2010 conference to confirm their attendance and provide information and a photograph for registration to speed up administration of the event. Behind the scenes the system imported a list of delegates that were invited to the conference and issued invites via email (specific to each delegate to prevent forwarding of...
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Free download: Winter Bridge Desktop Wallpaper

While out walking through the snow, randomly clicking with my camera, I seem to have managed to take this photo. I'm not a very good photographer but something about this image really summed up the 'feel' of the day. I haven't edited the photo in any way - colours, size, etc. Bring a bit of winter tranquility onto your computer with our winter bridge desktop wallpaper It's...
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Welcome to Bright Web Solutions customers

On the 12th December we completed the aquisition of the website design, hosting, and SEO operations of London based Bright Web Solutions, following the decision of the business' owner to concentrate on their video production business. It's service as usual for BWS customers, who will receive our usual top-quality level of service.  We have taken over BWS's telephone numbers...
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What does your phone number say about you?

You’ve probably not given it much thought, you put a huge amount of effort into making sure your website reflects your brand and the ethos of your business but what impression to your prospective clients does your telephone number give? Mobile Numbers If you’re a mobile hairdresser or any other type of business that is focussed on visiting the client or if your business is conducted...
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Royal Mail Does Deliver

Something changed my view on Royal Mail today, sorry in advance if you're looking for a mini-rant about the postal strikes as you won't find it here. Yes the strikes have been inconvenient but as most of my communications are by phone and email it hasn't really impacted me as much as some. Anyway, today I got a Viking Direct catalogue through the post - nothing strange in that I get them a few...
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New content managed website for Stretching GB Ltd

Following a bit of a bad experience with their previous web designer Stretching GB Ltd chose O'Brien Media to implement the Drupal CMS on their website to allow for easy management of site content. The project included re-developing the existing website style, integrating Stretching GB's new logo into the design and removing unwanted content added by the previous...
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New (old) website for O’Brien Media

After playing with several different designs for the O'Brien Media website over the past few months I've actually ended up reverting back to the design used at the start of the year due to it's simplicity and the fact that I had comments from various people that the old site was the reason they chose O'Brien Media in the first place! Well, that's all for now, the blog is the only 'new' element to...
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New website launch for ‘Satin n Lace’

Bridalwear retailer 'Satin n Lace' required a new and updated website to better represent their brand, whilst maintaining the use of certain design elements and fonts that were used for offline media. The new website includes a brief Flash introduction page, along with a gallery showcasing a selection of dress designs. A new, shorter, website address of was...
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