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Brand new version of Firefox is announced!

The people at Mozilla have announced that there is a brand-new feature-packed version of their Firefox browser on the horizon. This blog post will highlight all the new features of the updated web browser. A brand-new look! The design team at Firefox have worked on a design that is “simple, modern and fast”. It removes all the previous “distractions, extra clicks, and wasted time” so that...
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What’s the Difference: Web Designer vs Web Developer

Despite the similar names, there are some major differences between these roles. From the tasks they focus on daily to the overall value they add to a project, web designers and web developers play very distinct roles. The Role of a Web Designer Web designers have a varied set of tasks and responsibilities. However, a designer’s role revolves around creating the layout and visual aspects of a...
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Bad news for the SSL good-guys (Three quarters of all phishing sites now use SSL)

The total number of phishing sites detected by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) worldwide in October through December 2019 was 162,155, following the all-time-high of 266,387 attacks recorded in July through September 2019. Most menacing, however, were targeting trends exhibited by cybercrime gangs focusing on: users of web-hosted email and social media to multiply the numbers of potential...
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Changes to support and clarification on responsibilities for website hosting clients

We’re making some changes to how we handle support enquiries, and would like to clarify what is supported. One issue per case We are making a change to the number of separate issues that can be answered in a single case. Please only raise one issue per case. This is to help decrease resolution time and make cases simpler for our support team. We have seen an increasing number of cases where...
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Redirect Old Domain to New Domain via .htaccess

When you migrate a site from one domain to another, it is very important that you don’t break all the links that you built to your old domain. Proper redirection of all the pages on the old domain to the same location on the new domain will ensure that visitors to the old domain will end up in the right place.  A failure to redirect will result in a loss of visitors as well as search engine...
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Controlling call flow in the Asterisk Dialplan using Curl and Json

It's very common that we want to use external services from our Asterisk Dialplan, and many times those external services are accessible via HTTP (such as a REST HTTP API). In this article we are going to see how we can use cURL to query an external HTTP service and read a response in JSON format and take action on the values returned to control the call flow in our dialplan. Using cURL to...
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Contact Form 7 switching to reCAPTCHA v3 for invisible spam protection

Google's reCAPTCHA service protects your website against spam and other types of automated abuse. With Contact Form 7’s reCAPTCHA integration module, you can block abusive and junk contact form submissions and login attempts by spam bots that target pretty much any WordPress website on the internet. The latest version of the reCAPTCHA API is v3. Contact Form 7 5.1 and later uses reCAPTCHA...
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If your website relies on PHP 5, it’s time to get ready for PHP 7

PHP, the Open Source scripting language, is used by nearly 80 percent of the world's websites. According to W3Techs, around 61 percent of all websites on the internet still use PHP 5, a version of PHP that was first released fourteen years ago. Now is the time to give PHP 5 some attention. In less than two months, on December 31st, security support for PHP 5 will officially cease. (Note: Some...
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Re-Allowing ‘root’ access to PhpMyAdmin in newer versions of MySQL (or MariaDB)

In newer versions of MySQL (or MariaDB) the 'root' user can no longer connect remotely to the database server via PhpMyAdmin (and other such tools). After searching and finding a few backwards and complicated solutions there is actually a simpler way, very simple in fact. In just 3 quick steps. Step 1 Connect to the database server as root in a terminal and use the database 'mysql': mysql -u root...
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Fight back against email spoofing

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It’s an email authentication method that helps identify the mail servers that are permitted to send email from a particular domain. Using this validation protocol, ISPs can determine when spoofers and phishers are trying to forge emails from your domain to send a malicious email to your customers. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem plaguing consumer...
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