Fixing the Check-out failed error in Joomla

From time to time you may encounter a Joomla error that says “Check-out failed with the following error: The user checking out does not match the user who checked out the item." followed by "You are not permitted to use that link to directly access that page”. There is actually a really simple, albeit not that obvious, fix for this error - to edit the content to are trying to make changes to...
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Block referrer spam from hosting platforms

Over the past few months we've been seeing an ever increasing amount of "automated" and botnet generated referrer spam coming into websites hosted on our hosting platform and onto sites that we manage on other hosting services on behalf of our customers. This is a global problem affecting websites regardless of the type of site as the "visits" are all automated and generated randomly - so if...
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EU Cookie Law Means Changes for Websites

On May 26th 2012 the new EU "cookie law" will come into effect in the UK. This law will require businesses to significantly change how their websites function as well as bringing about changes to the online shopping experiences of internet users throughout Europe. The new law applies to all organisations that operate a website in the EU, this includes organisations that aren't based in the EU...
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