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Examples, Tips, and Ideas for Easter Email Marketing

We're just a few days away from Easter, on Sunday, April 17. It's time to start thinking about Easter email marketing. We've got some tips, tricks, and fun examples to keep your audience engaged in your Easter promotions. Let's Dig In! It is a very profitable holiday for most businesses from a business standpoint. A recent survey found that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans celebrated Easter last...
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How does Apple’s new ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ affect Email Marketing?

In Apple’s new iOS 15 and macOS Monteray releases, they have announced ‘Mail Privacy Protection’. This has been done to protect email data that is used by email marketers – so what does this actually mean for email marketers? This blog post will highlight what changes Apple has introduced and the changes this will bring to the email marketing industry. What is Mail Privacy Protection?...
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The benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one way of the best way to communicate offers and sales to your customers, helping you to grow your business! Here at O’Brien Media, we can help advise and carry out your email marketing for you. This blog post will explain why Email Marketing is so crucial and show you some of the work we have done here at O’Brien Media. Why use Email Marketing? 0 Billion Global email...
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What Can You Do to Avoid Your Email Being Clipped by Gmail?

If your email message is 102 kB or larger, Gmail “clips” your email, inserting “ ,” along with a link to the entire message. And you may be surprised at how easy it is for a typical email campaign to surpass the 102-kB limit. One of the biggest problems with email clipping is that your subscribers who use Gmail won’t see all the content in your emails unless they click the “View...
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Tom’s top tips for putting together better marketing emails

Getting started with emails can be the most intimidating part! Here's my top three tips for where to begin. 1. Make the most of your subject line If you want your marketing emails opened, read and clicked, it starts off with the subject line. The best subject lines are short, descriptive and give your clients a reason to explore your message further. Top Tips Keep it short and sweet / Tell them...
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5 advantages of email marketing

The meteoric rise in popularity of social media over recent years may have made you – and other business owners – wonder whether email marketing has had it's day. On the contrary, email marketing is still a powerful tool. If you doubt that, simply check your email inbox and see how many businesses and organisations have sent you information today alone about what they offer. The businesses...
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Automated email marketing hints and tips

The aim of automated email marketing is essential to build a list so that you don't have to worry about getting traffic anymore, as your list is essentially all the traffic you'll ever need. When you want to promote a product you have created or an affiliate product, all you need to do is send out an email and you get more money than you used to get paid in one year, in one day! Of course, this...
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The power of automated email marketing

Automated email marketing happens to be one of the best tactics for online marketing today. In fact, there are many marketers out there making a huge amount of money by using this option. All of them have an autoresponder account and in most cases they simply sell the products or services of someone else. There truly is power in this marketing technique. If you are wondering whether you should...
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How email marketing benefits businesses of all shapes and sizes

Setting the scene E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing, which is used to communicate for commercial or fund-raising messages to an audience. Email marketing concept has dynamically changed the companies' style of marketing of their businesses. Email helps companies speak or express any fresh idea or info more quickly and happily than ever in the past. Similarly, it helps companies by...
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Keeping within the rules with when using SMS & Email Marketing

The use of SMS and email marketing is huge globally. Businesses adore the access this gives them to their customers and it's a great way to get current information, great deals, and important pieces of news out that customers are not going to want to miss. However, in order to use both SMS and email marketing it is imperative that businesses understand that there are rules. Not following the...
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