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Brand new version of Firefox is announced!

The people at Mozilla have announced that there is a brand-new feature-packed version of their Firefox browser on the horizon.

This blog post will highlight all the new features of the updated web browser.

A brand-new look!

The design team at Firefox have worked on a design that is “simple, modern and fast”. It removes all the previous “distractions, extra clicks, and wasted time” so that the browser is simpler and easier to use!

Firefox on iOS and Android is also included

If you use Firefox on a mobile operating system, there are changes here too!

Key actions now take fewer steps to complete, meaning that searching, viewing tabs and navigating the browser is quicker!

There has also been changes in the iconography and menu names so the visual experience of using Firefox is improved too!

Toolbar and menus have been streamlined


The toolbar has been re-designed so that it is now clutter-free. This ensures that the web page content that you are looking at is the main attraction and there aren’t any other distractions.


All the Firefox actions and commands are now just in three bars or by right-clicking.

These new reorganised menus mean that it is now quicker to access the best functions of Firefox.

Tabs have improved

We all use tabs when we’re browsing the web! Most of us are probably guilty of having tab overload and having too many tabs open to count! (Firefox have said that over half of their user base have more than 4+ tabs open according to their research.)

To improve the aesthetic of tabs, they now gently curve and float and they can be moved around and organised how you like – so that you can remember they don’t always have to stay there! (Firefox have made the active tab brighter too, so you know when tab you are currently using!)

No more annoying notifications and tabs!


We all know what it’s like when a browser notification appears, and it disrupts our workflow!

Well, the team at Firefox have made the notifications and alerts take up less space, so that they do not affect your browsing experience as much.

(When you get notified about a new OBM blog post, Firefox makes sure you get notified in style!)

Firefox has removed any non-essential alerts and messages altogether, so you are able to better browse in peace!


You know that situation where you open up a webpage and it randomly starts autoplaying a video that makes you jump out of your skin!

With this new version of Firefox, media autoplay is disabled by default, so no more annoying interruptions from a loud video.

You can also now identify from the tab interface which is the guilty tab and easily mute/unmute the tab with one click without the need to switch tabs.

Private Browsing just got better

Mozilla has always put its top priority on security and this new version is no different!

With their new private browsing mode, their Total Cookie Protection movies from the optional strict setting to always on when you are private browsing.

This feature has a cookie jar – which is when a site visited deposits a cookie, it places it into a “jar” so that it is not shared with other websites, therefore improving your privacy.

Read more about the new release on the Mozilla blog

If you would like to find out more about the new version of Firefox, you can visit the Mozilla blog here which has all the details.

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