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Custom built web applications & databases in the cloud

How would you like to be able to work from anywhere (well, anywhere with an internet connection) and be able to use any computer you choose as long as it’s got a web browser?
We’ve developed customised solutions for a number of businesses, including a computer repair management solution for Manor Solutions, a recruitment business management system for recruitment consultancy EDGE Selection, and a conference booking and attendee management system for BP.

We’ve also implemented a number of Open Source solutions including a campaign and membership management system called CiviCRM for South Swindon Labour Party.  

6 benefits of web based applications

  1. Securely access your business data from any internet connected device
  2. Manage user access to your business data without an IT manager
  3. No software to install on your computers
  4. Lower cost due to easier development and lower support costs
  5. Easier sharing of data between different systems and business locations
  6. Faster development of new features and customisations

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