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Microsoft announce Windows 11!

On the 24th of June 2021, Microsoft announced the next iteration of the Windows operating system – Windows 11.

In preparation for it being launched later this year, this blog post will highlight the key features that Windows 11 will bring to your computer!

A brand-new look

There is a new start menu, taskbar, and icon design – the start button is moved to the middle of the taskbar, with a larger menu size rather than the vertical menu in previous versions of Windows! The taskbar icons will be more rounded!

Multitasking becomes more powerful

There are new Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops features introduced.

These allow you to organise your screen better and allow you to work however you would like to work!

Snap Layouts and Groups, give you predefined ways in which you can split your windows – meaning you are able to work quicker!

The new Desktops allow you to create separate Desktops for every aspect of how you use your computer and each part of your life!

Chat from Microsoft Teams is now built-in!

Throughout this pandemic, most have us have been using Microsoft Teams on a daily basis (as have we here at O’Brien Media!). It is an extremely powerful tool that allows us to instantly chat and collaborate with team and family members across multiple platforms (Desktop, iOS, and Android).

Microsoft Teams is normally only seen in a business or education environment, even though it is such a great tool! Microsoft have acknowledged this and have now built this into the taskbar of Windows 11.

The people at Microsoft know that as people are returning back to in-person it could become harder to stay in contact with people online – the move to integrate Teams directly into the operating system means that people can stay in contact no matter where they are with ease!

All new Widgets

With the next version of Windows, Microsoft have introduced Widgets which allow you to see the news and information that matters the most to you quickly!

This new personalised feed is powered by AI and the performance from Microsoft Edge, to give you a curated view directly on your desktop!

Use Windows with a touchscreen? Microsoft make some big changes!

The experience for using touch has been improved with more space between icons, bigger touch targets with some subtle visual cues – this means that Windows will be easier to navigate when you are not using a mouse and keyboard!

Haptics will also be enabled when using a pen so that you can hear and feel the vibrations as you are using it – this will feel more engaging and immersive!

Another thing that will be improved with the release of Windows 11 is voice recognition. Now, Windows has the ability to automatically punctuate for you, along with some new voice commands – so if you feel you need a break from typing, you don’t need to miss a beat!

Now run your favourite Android apps straight on your PC!

With the new version of Windows Store, you are now able to install Android applications from the Amazon Appstore!

This is a partnership between Microsoft, Amazon, and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology.

How much will it cost to upgrade to Windows 11?

It will be free to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11!

You can read more about upgrading to Windows 11 along with system requirements and frequently answered questions on the official Microsoft website here.

Read more about the next Windows release

If you would like to find out more about what Microsoft have announced, you can read about it on the official Windows Experience blog here.

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