Take a trip down memory lane and relive Windows 95 on a PC or Mac

You can now take a trip down memory lane and hop back into Windows 95 – and imagine you’re using an old Compaq desktop PC.

Developer Felix Rieseberg has turned the classic Windows operating system into an app that runs on today’s Windows machines, as well as Mac.

The likes of Wordpad and the phone dialer can be accessed within the app, which is only 129 megabytes in size.

Windows 95 boot screen ©2015-2018 oscareczek

It is not the first time the old operating system has been re-purposed for today’s devices – it’s previously surfaced on the Apple Watch and Xbox One.

Windows 95 was responsible for introducing iconic staples such as the taskbar and the Start button when it launched 23 years ago.

Friends stars Matthew Perry and Jennifer Aniston also appeared in a video guide for the operating system at the time.

Today, Windows is in its tenth alteration, Windows 10, which was released in July 2015.