Internet Edge logo on top of a lake

The new Microsoft Edge is out of preview and available for download

A little over a year ago, Microsoft announced plans to rebuild it’s Edge web browser on the Chromium open source project with the goals of delivering better compatibility for everyone, less fragmentation for web developers, and a partnership with the Chromium community to improve the Chromium engine itself. This week, at Ignite, Microsoft unveiled their new vision for the web and search, a colorful new icon, and outlined how they see Microsoft Edge + Bing as the browser and search engine for business.

The new Microsoft Edge is now available to download on all supported versions of Windows and macOS in more than 90 languages. Microsoft Edge is also available on iOS and Android, providing a true cross-platform experience. The new Microsoft Edge provides world-class performance with more privacy, more productivity, and more value while you browse. The browser also comes with Microsoft’s Privacy Promise and new features like tracking prevention, which is on by default, and provides three levels of control while you browse.