Last month the team at WooCommerce blogged about their approach to GDPR in WooCommerce.The latest news from WordPress developers is that most of the new features relating to GDPR are ready in WordPress 4.9.6 (beta), and the WooCommerce team have finished their work on GDPR changes to WooCommerce core as well. We’ll give you the highlights below… This post on the WooCommerce blog summarises changes and features to be found in WooCommerce 3.4, scheduled to be released on May 23rd, just a couple of days before GDPR goes into effect.

Personal data exporter

WordPress 4.9.6 will include the ability to export personal data associated with an email address to a HTML file. WooCommerce 3.4 will add to the generated HTML export file, adding the following data:
  • Customer address/account information
  • Orders associated with the given email address
  • Download permissions and logs associated with the given email address

Personal data eraser

Like the exporter, the eraser will allow you to verify requests are legitimate before fulfilling them.

Data retention settings

To help reduce the amount of personal data that’s stored, WooCommerce 3.4 will allow you to define how long you want to retain data that is no longer needed for order processing.

Checkout page display options

To reduce the amount of personal data stored by WooCommerce you will be able to turn off some optional fields you may not require for processing.

Privacy policy page

WordPress 4.9.6 includes a privacy page setting as well as a mechanism for plugins to suggest content. WooCommerce adds some suggested content of it’s own. If you define a privacy policy page, it’s useful to be able to link to that page where needed. WooCommerce will output notices and links to the privacy policy in two locations:
  1. Account registration form
  2. Checkout form

Other changes in WooCommerce 3.4

WooCommerce 3.4 also includes a number of other GDPR related changes, along with some major changes to the logging and debugging processes. We suggest you read the full oost on the WooCommerce blog for full details.

GDPR compliance and your website

Find out more about how we can help you on your path to GDPR compliance.

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