Google’s Chrome browser will soon label non HTTPS websites as “Unsafe”

After Google announced that it had started considering HTTPS as a metric when deciding the pagerank of a given website (giving higher priority to SSL secured websites over their non-SSL counterparts) it was only a matter of time before they took the next logical step and started further penalising websites without SSL (HTTPS) support. What we weren't expecting was Google to decide to go a...
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Drupal 7.50 has been released

Drupal 7.50, the latest release in the Drupal 7 series as of 8th July 2016, is now available for installation on websites running the 7 series of Drupal. Drupal 7.50 contains a variety of new features, performance improvements, security-related enhancements, and bug fixes - the 7.50 release itself includes no security fixes (although if you haven't installed previous updates the 7.50 release...
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