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What you need to know about Google “mobile-first” changes coming in March 2021

Google have confirmed that from March 2021 they will definitely be using ‘mobile-first indexing’ after pushing forward the deadline from September 2020. This blog post will tell you all the key things you need to know about this change. What is mobile first indexing? This is where Google will predominantly use the mobile version for indexing and ranking of content. This is compared to...
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Google confirms a core algorithm update is started to roll out on December 3, 2020

Google confirmed on the 3rd of December that the third core algorithm update of the calendar year has begun rolling out. A fair amount of time has passed since the last core update, compared to the average time between these types of updates. The last core update rolled out on May 4th. It’s likely the pandemic delayed the rollout of Google’s next core update. As more time than usual has...
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Google Suggests Permanent URLs for Black Friday & Cyber Monday Pages

Google shared the advice that website owners should be "using permanent URLs for Black Friday pages rather than creating new URLs for each annual sale" as part of it's set of best practices for Black Friday and Cyber Monday pages, along with five additional recommendations, which we've included below. Here’s more on the benefits of using recurring URLs, and a rundown of Google’s other advice...
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Our top 10 actionable SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tips

Google Search algorithm update and Search Console data lag

As a search marketer and SEO specialists, we monitor changes in SEO outcomes and changes in Google's behavior when it comes to search results. Last week along with others, we noticed that recent broad core algorithm updates had resulted in a slow down in Google Search Console data and wanted to explain the possible reasons for this and why it might affect SEO monitoring for a short period of...
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Google’s suggestions on how to avoid Meta Description rewrites

Why does Google rewrite Meta Descriptions? It’s not uncommon for Google to generate a meta description to display in place of the one provided by a web page. The most likely reasons why this would occur: The meta description is not relevant or useful (ie, just a collection of keywords). The exact same meta description is provided across a large number of pages. The meta description doesn’t...
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Google front page displaying on a mobile

Google says don’t disable your site, even during temporary closure

Businesses are continuing to feel the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic, with some forced to temporarily shut down. To help business owners preserve their visibility in Google search, Google has published recommendations on how to properly limit your site’s functionality if you need to pause operations. Avoid disabling your whole site. Disabling your site, even for just a few days, can...
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Google Chrome with a purple and black background

Reminder: Google is changing the way websites work when viewed in Chrome from February 4th, 2020

Google Chrome is changing the way websites and cookies work by default. This is a courtesy reminder that web sites you use, if run in Chrome by you or your visitors, may not work as expected once Chrome 80 is released on February 4th, 2020. Prior to February 4th 2020, you should test to confirm if any updates are required to allow the continued normal operation of your website or web app.
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Site Kit website on a laptop

Google Site Kit integrates Google tools into your WordPress dashboard

Google Site Kit is an official plugin from Google that helps you integrate data and features from multiple Google tools into your WordPress dashboard. Google Site Kit was in closed beta for a long time. But as of November 2019, it’s now publicly available to all WordPress users and listed for free at What is Google Site Kit for WordPress? Google Site Kit helps you connect your...
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Google rolls out B.E.R.T Update – What does this mean for your website?

Last week Google began rolling out it’s biggest update since Rankbrain was released back in 2015. Their announcement on their Webmasters blog by vice-head of search Pandu Nayak claims that this update will affect 1 in 10 of all searches so it's pretty major news! What is B.E.R.T and how does it work? B.E.R.T stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. Sounds...
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Google Chrome announces roll-out of mixed content blocking, beginning January 2020

The Google Security Team has announced a timeline for when Chrome will begin blocking mixed content by default in order to ensure that HTTPS browsing is more secure. Mixed content refers to HTTPS pages that load resources, such as images, videos, stylesheets, and scripts, over HTTP. The gradual rollout will begin with Chrome 79, which is scheduled for release in December 2019. The browser...
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