Smartphone on female hands browsing Google Home Page and in background a portable computer with the same site

What you need to know about Google “mobile-first” changes coming in March 2021

Google have confirmed that from March 2021 they will definitely be using ‘mobile-first indexing’ after pushing forward the deadline from September 2020. This blog post will tell you all the key things you need to know about this change. What is mobile first indexing? This is where Google will predominantly use the mobile version for indexing and ranking of content. This is compared to...
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a person checking a eCommerce on a mobile inside of a shop

Is your website suffering from Mobile-Unfriendliness?

It’s remarkable to see in 2019, but many websites still seem to treat mobile visitors almost as an afterthought. It’s still not uncommon to find a mobile site where items are misaligned, overlapping, formatted strangely or subject to some other oversight from the designer, all of which can signal to a visitor that your company doesn’t take the time to go over little details. It’s worth...
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