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WordPress in 2022: Top reasons to use it

We often hear this question from users: Why should I use WordPress? My site is already great, why should I switch? Compared with another platform, why should I switch to WordPress? We can help you answer these questions if you're asking them. Let's discuss the most compelling reasons why you should use WordPress in this article. Additionally, we will discuss all the different types of websites...
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Ecommerce Conversions Boosted with Buy Now, Pay Later

Your product pages are conversion-optimized, and your checkout process is easy. Yet, your e-commerce conversion rate hovers around 2% to 3% — and that's considered a good one. Are you wondering why you aren't getting more conversions from your visitors? It is not so much the products, the brand, or the website design that is giving shoppers pause. Instead, it is your pricing that is giving them...
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The UK is becoming an increasingly important market for Google

Google has been established in the UK for almost two decades. The company has more than 6,400 employees and hired almost 700 people last year. Additionally, Google strengthened their commitment to the UK by laying a new subsea cable in 2021, called Grace Hopper, that runs between the US and the UK. In keeping with its long-term commitment to the UK, the Silicon Valley giant has now purchased the...
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