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‘Buy now, Pay later’ is not without its downside!

Credit card debt is the biggest fear of one third of millennials (more than death or going to war). You are not wrong if you think that sounds like a business opportunity. The fear of financial ruin has helped fuel the growth of "buy now, pay later" (BNPL) services, with 75% of users in the US belonging to the millennial generation or Gen Z. Ironic, isn't it? Affirm, Afterpay, and Klarna use...
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Battle of the CMS’s : Is WordPress better than Wix?

Are you trying to decide between Wix and WordPress for your website? Though WordPress is the most popular website builder out there, it's not the only one. In this article, we'll compare Wix and WordPress and explain the pros and cons of each. It's our hope that after reading this Wix review and comparison, you'll be able to decide whether Wix is right for you. In this article, we compare Wix vs...
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First major update to WordPress of 2022: WordPress 5.9

WordPress 5.9 was released earlier this week, and it is the first major release of 2022. WordPress 5.9 comes with Block Themes, which is a new way of building websites and customizing WordPress themes. This will, in some cases, mean that your website theme - if you have a bespoke theme or use a tool such as Elementor - will need to be tested to ensure compatibility. Choose Language During Login...
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Disability Confidence Celebrated 

We are proud to be Disability Confident at O'Brien Media. Throughout January and February, we'll be supporting the Disability Confident campaign. In this time of year, many employers are planning for the upcoming financial year and recruiting new talent. Our goal is to spread the word about Disability Confident to other companies. Here are some of the ways that being an inclusive employer has...
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How Search Engine Results are Calculated

We've all used Google. We're used to typing in a simple word or phrase and getting millions of results across thousands of pages. We even have a name for it. We call them SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages. Here's what we'll teach you: The way SERPs work Google's algorithm influences search results How organic and paid results differ The SERPs These are the pages that show up after you type a...
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WordPress in 2022: Top reasons to use it

We often hear this question from users: Why should I use WordPress? My site is already great, why should I switch? Compared with another platform, why should I switch to WordPress? We can help you answer these questions if you're asking them. Let's discuss the most compelling reasons why you should use WordPress in this article. Additionally, we will discuss all the different types of websites...
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Ecommerce Conversions Boosted with Buy Now, Pay Later

Your product pages are conversion-optimized, and your checkout process is easy. Yet, your e-commerce conversion rate hovers around 2% to 3% — and that's considered a good one. Are you wondering why you aren't getting more conversions from your visitors? It is not so much the products, the brand, or the website design that is giving shoppers pause. Instead, it is your pricing that is giving them...
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Google office entrance

The UK is becoming an increasingly important market for Google

Google has been established in the UK for almost two decades. The company has more than 6,400 employees and hired almost 700 people last year. Additionally, Google strengthened their commitment to the UK by laying a new subsea cable in 2021, called Grace Hopper, that runs between the US and the UK. In keeping with its long-term commitment to the UK, the Silicon Valley giant has now purchased the...
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