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Using SMS Marketing Quickly & Practically

Despite being around for over 30 years, SMS has yet to be widely adopted by enterprises. Marketing campaigns have been using SMS in record numbers due to its role in 2-factor authentication. There are a number of ways in which SMS messages can be sent. It may be used by retailers to promote sales and events, remind shoppers of abandoned carts, or build brand loyalty. Businesses use it, on the...
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Small Business Spotlight: Benedykt and Sylvester

Who are Benedykt and Sylvester? A mother of three children, Brittany has Benedykt, Sylvester, and their sister Otylia. They are a British/Polish family living in England.' In 2015, Brittany married her husband Damian in Poland (his home country). In November 2016, they welcomed Benedykt into the world, and they are enjoying being parents ever since! They welcomed Sylvester in the summer of 2018...
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