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Swindon Disability Summit 2022

FEEDBACK 27th April 2022 SWINDON DISABILITY SUMMIT Thank you for attending the first Swindon Disability Summit, hosted by Swindon 105.5 and O’Brien Media Ltd. We would love it if you could provide us with some feedback on the event to help us plan and organise future events and keep you informed. View our privacy policy, which outlines how we use the personal information provided through our...
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Internet Cookies Google

Tracking will be more difficult in Europe under Google

In response to EU privacy violations, Google offers the option to reject all cookies! Starting in France, the new feature will be rolled out across Europe The pop-up consent message has been redesigned to make accepting or rejecting cookies equally easy. Anyone using Google Search or visiting YouTube in Europe while signed out or in incognito mode will see a new cookie consent option to choose...
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Elon Musk Twitter Notification

Elon Musk purchases Twitter. So what?

It is unclear what Musk means when he advocates for 'free speech.' What does that entail? Everything is fair game? That didn't take long at all. The world's richest man acquired 9% of Twitter and became its largest shareholder just a few days ago, seemingly out of nowhere. It was actually announced only a few weeks ago. Andrew J. Hawkins, writing at the time for The Verge, said, "So buckle up -...
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