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BigCommerce announce new Transactional Email Templates

As a Partner, we love to share new features that our friends over at BigCommerce have come up with.

This blog post will talk about BigCommerce’s new transactional email templates. These updates replace the old email templates and allow for new features and the ability to customise the templates.

What’s new with the templates?

Full Handlebars Support

Merchants and developers now have greater flexibility to customise the look of their emails, through all the conditional logic and helper functions that Handlebars provides.

All 13 of the existing Transactional Emails are currently available in Handlebars.

New Default Visual Design for all emails

The default emails are easier to read and are now fully responsive – so look great on both the mobile and the desktop.

Email Preview

This feature allows you to see emails in a browser, without having to save the template – works on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Send Test Email

If you would like to see how a specific email will look before sending it out, you can now do this effortlessly with the new “Send Test Email” feature.

This feature allows test emails to be sent to a real email address and not just through a preview window – ensuring that you are able to fully visualise what the email will look like for your customers.

Translation Management

For translatable phrases, a new simple UI editor has been added for future multi-language support.

Note: Currently only English is supported but French, Italian and Dutch will be added later in the year.

Update Phrase Values

The phrase value is now able to be changed through the UI or directly in the HTML code. This means that users now have the option to make the change however they feel comfortable.

How can I use these templates?

BigCommerce is slowly rolling out the feature to stores so that they ensure that their platform remains stable.

You can enable transactional emails by navigating to Marketing > Transactional emails and by clicking on “Try new experience”. If you are not a fan of the new emails, you can easily “revert to old experience”.

You can read the support documentation which goes through how to use some of the new features of the new templates.

We can help!

As a BigCommerce Partner, we have access to the latest e-commerce technology that BigCommerce has to offer and have great communication with the BigCommerce team!

Please get in touch if you would like to know how we can help you use BigCommerce for your business!