To mark Wiltshire Day we decided to highlight the little known flag of the county, featuring the Great Bustard.

The flag for Wiltshire has been flying proudly at County Hall in Wiltshire’s capital town of Trowbridge from Tuesday 5th June 2007.

Designed by flag enthusiast Mike Prior from Trowbridge, it uses the Great Bustard as its centrepiece. The Great Bustard featured on the original Council crest of 1937, and the new flag followed the Wiltshire tradition of highlighting the importance of this bird to the county.

The Great Bustard

Previously extinct, the large bird is now part of a ten year breeding programme on Salisbury Plain where a flock of around 40 of the birds call their home.

In 2007 Mr Prior told the BBC: “I have always loved flag flying and I thought it would be good to fly something other than the Union Flag or national flags.

“I have done my research and found there wasn’t a flag for the county so I thought why not design one?”

Representing peace

The white colouring in the flag is to represent peace, while the green can mean joy, hope or safety.

A circle of six rocks is also featured in the centre of the flag, representing both the stone circles of Avebury and Stonehenge and the six counties on to which Wiltshire borders.


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