Royal Mail Does Deliver

Something changed my view on Royal Mail today, sorry in advance if you’re looking for a mini-rant about the postal strikes as you won’t find it here. Yes the strikes have been inconvenient but as most of my communications are by phone and email it hasn’t really impacted me as much as some.

Anyway, today I got a Viking Direct catalogue through the post – nothing strange in that I get them a few times a month as Viking seem to be unable to cleanse their mailing lists properly – but the odd thing today was the address.

The catalogue was addressed to ‘Buyer of office supplies, O’Brien Media, Westlea, Swindon, SN5 7AX’ no road name or building number, just the business name and the area. Then hand-written, next to the address was the road name and the postman had remembered the rest of the address and delivered what most people would consider junk mail.

It really brought home that Royal Mail isn’t just some massive business but thousands of people who just want to do the best for their customers, they didn’t have to deliver that, the address was totally incomplete and it should have been returned to Viking but they did and this little thing has changed my view of the strikes completely.