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Tracking Time with Timeular (and why it makes time tracking fun!)

Here at O’Brien Media, we use Timeular to help us track time. It means that we can track time efficiently and easily. It helps us both professionally and personally, and we don’t know where we’d be without it!

This blog post will highlight why Timeular is awesome and what our team think of it!

What is Timeular?

Timeular is a time tracking solution. There are both desktop and mobile clients that allow for time to be tracked accurately.

There is both the app, and the extremely cool ‘Tracker’ which makes time tracking fun!

How time tracking works

You are able to set specific spaces which allow you track time on personal tasks and business areas – with tasks such as blog posts and client projects for example.

Within the app, you can then start/stop with one click of a button in order to accurately track your time. You can then also add notes to the entry so that you can have a reminder of what the task was that you completed.

You can also add time entries manually in case you forget to track time – meaning that you never having to worry about not being able to look back and analyse how your time is spent.

Desktop view of Timeular

The tracker

The totally unique part about Timeular is the physical tracking device!

It has multiple sides in which you are able to write (or add cool stickers) to represent a task. This would then correspond with a space on the Timeular app. Whenever the tracker is flipped to that side, the Tracker will then log the time.

This not only accurately tracks time but ensures that it makes the task a lot more enjoyable!

Timeular tracker by a keyboard

The benefits of using Timeular!

The benefits of how you’re tracking time is knowing exactly how your time is spent

You can export time reports with one click and help improve timesheets and billing with minute-accurate time tracking.

These insights into how you spend your time allows for you to make data-driven changes which can help you work more efficiently.


The biggest benefit for us here at O’Brien Media is the use of “Shared Spaces”.

These allow for our team to have spaces where everyone is able to use and add time entries into.

The benefit of this is that the team can work more efficiently in knowing how much time has been spent on a particular task, so that data-driven decisions can then also be made in that aspect.

What our team think about Timeular!

“For me, one of the biggest personal advantages of Timeular has been identifying when I’m not being productive and recapturing that time.

From a commercial perspective Timeular has allowed me, and my team, to accurately collect information on how long we are working on various customer tasks, tickets, and projects to ensure more accurate billing and has enabled us to proactively suggest different support solutions or programmes of work which our customers have really responded positively to.

I wouldn’t be without my Timeular, and the Timeular apps for Windows and Android as they have quickly, and easily, formed a critical part of my working day.”

Chris Grant with a grey jumper

Chris Grant, Head of Design and Development

“Timeular has been incredibly useful for me understanding the time requirements for tasks leading to a more accurate time estimation both internally and externally. Timeular has also highlighted to me where I can improve on my time management skills” 

Dan photo

Dan Hatherall, Web Developer and Customer Success Manager

“Timeular has meant that I am able to easily track time accurately – both on the app and on the tracker. The best part of Timeular is the menu bar integration on the desktop versions of the app, meaning that I can easily see at a glance how much time I am spending on tasks! Both the iOS and macOS versions of the app are exceptional!”

Camilo Piers Team Photo

Camilo Pires, Digital Content Specialist

“Timeular isn’t just a great tool professionally it’s great for personal life too! Great tool for anyone who likes to work on time management.”

Dylan Fernandez logo

Dylan Fernàndez, Business Sales Specialist

“I love Timeular!  It allows me to gamify the planning of my day, helping me to stay focussed on the tasks that matter most.  I’ve not missed a deadline since I started using it!”

Andy photo

Andy Smart, Head of Digital Transformation

Timeular is a godsend for people like me who get easily distracted. No longer will I look back at my day and say “what was I doing between 10 am and 1 pm?”

Alex Swabey smiling

Alex Swabey, Customer Success Specialist

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