We're in the process of rolling out SMS text message notifications for invoices and helpdesk cases and we're really pleased to announce that you can now send us support requests (or callback requests) via SMS text message to 07860 033 633 – we'll be notified of your mobile number automatically and there's no need to use a keyword or prefix in your message (this number is for text messages only, you can't call it).

Up until now when we sent you a text message it showed the sender name as "OBrienMedia" – this was handy as it allowed you to see at a glance the message was from us and didn't require you to have a number saved in your contacts list. The only problem was there was no way for you to reply to the messages we sent. From today we'll be sending notification texts from a full number, 07860 033 633, which you can reply to. All messages are logged in our helpdesk system and are accessible in Client Connect in the same way as any support or sales emails you send us.

If you have an open helpdesk case and send us a message to 07860 033 633 your SMS will be added as a response to the currently open case, otherwise we'll create a new case and you'll be notified of the case number.

We hope that this will provide a quick and easy way for you to reply to notifications we send, and will provide an additional way for you to get in touch with us.

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