You can now highlight COVID-19 related temporary changes on your business Facebook page

Businesses making temporary changes to their usual services can now prominently display those changes on their Facebook page, thanks to new features added this week by Facebook. If a customer visits the Facebook page of their favorite restaurant, for example, they can quickly see if it’s still offering delivery and/or collection service. If a business is simply closed for the time being, with...
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Facebook to remove Gray Badges from verified pages on 30th October 2019

Facebook have sent the following email to verified businesss today, 25th October: We're always working on better ways to help people understand more about the Pages they interact with. We introduced grey verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organisations are authentic. However, we've found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so we're removing them on 30...
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Facebook continues it’s fight against “fake news” with more page takedowns

Facebook revealed on Monday that it has removed more pages, groups, and accounts that originated in Russia and were being deceptive about who was behind them and what they were up to.  The takedown at Facebook and Instagram was described as part of an ongoing battle against "coordinated inauthentic behavior" which has blocked numerous fake accounts from around the world."We found two separate,...
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[Infographic] Is Facebook becoming social media’s retirement home?

Even though it might be a bit of a stretch to describe Facebook as social media's retirement home, the social network is experiencing an exodus of young people while increasing numbers of over 55s are signing up. Facebook is generally struggling to retain its user base and today, it has an estimated 15 million fewer U.S. users than it did in 2017. That's according to a report released...
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Turn website visitors into loyal customers with Facebook Messenger

Build relationships with customers by integrating Facebook Messenger customer chat into your website. Whether your website runs WordPress, Drupal or other popular content management systems or is a simple HTML brochure website integrating Messenger customer chat can help you boost conversion rate and convert visitors into customers! Enhance Customer Service According to Facebook, 53% of...
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Facebook security breach compromised the information of 50 million users

Facebook, the social media giant with over two billion monthly active users, reported on Friday (28/09/18) that their engineering team discovered an attack on their systems that compromised the highly sensitive personal data of 50 million Facebook users. As one of the leading data-collection agencies in the world, Facebook is nearly unrivalled in its depth and range of user data, and leverages...
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Facebook rolls out new Watch video service in the UK and Ireland

After it's initial launch in the US in 2017, Facebook is rolling out its Watch video service globally one year after it launched in the United States with original entertainment news and sports content to compete with platforms like YouTube. Facebook said Watch creators in four new countries (the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) will be able to profit from their shows via the "Ad Breaks"...
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Facebook is making changes to discourage misuse of personal accounts

Facebook is making a number of changes to their platform to discourage misuse of personal accounts and improve their ecosystem. Here's how the changes impact social media management tools and your use of Facebook for your business: Facebook Profiles: From the 31st July you will no longer be able to post to personal Facebook Profiles using social media management tools and Facebook are cracking...
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Social Media Image Size Guide: Facebook Pages

Facebook is one of the most important platform for businesses and as such it's important to get your message across to as many people as possible. This size guide enables you to use the correct image size for the area of your business page you are designing for - ensuring that your message shines through as clear as day! Just want the sizes? Here they are as of August 2013! Cover Photo:...
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Getting started with Facebook – Communicating with your audience

We’re using the word “audience” in this article to include visitors to your page and people who have “liked” your page (it always gets a giggle from groups when we start talking about “likes” and “people who like your page” when we’re carrying our social media training!) Status updates are created in exactly the same way as status...
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