Facebook continues it’s fight against “fake news” with more page takedowns

Facebook revealed on Monday that it has removed more pages, groups, and accounts that originated in Russia and were being deceptive about who was behind them and what they were up to.  The takedown at Facebook and Instagram was described as part of an ongoing battle against "coordinated inauthentic behavior" which has blocked numerous fake accounts from around the world."We found two separate,...
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Say goodbye to Google+ from April 2nd, 2019

If you’re wanting to read about why Google+ was a bad idea poorly executed, well, just Google “Google+” and you will be treated to more than enough diatribes about why this platform was an eight-year non-starter. But as for our blog, we’ll stick with the impact Google+ had on WordPress, Drupal and websites in general. First things first Firstly, make sure you act now to remove any...
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Social media SEO trends heading into 2019

There’s been talk about social media as a ranking factor for a long time. In 2010, Google said social media was a ranking factor (that means if you're on social media, your website will generally show above similar businesses who aren't on social media - at least in 2010). In 2014, the same search engine said that social media probably isn’t a ranking factor. "Probably" being the key word...
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Instagram unveils new tools to increase safety & access to information

Instagram, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, is introducing three new features designed to provide more transparency and security to its users. The plan includes the introduction of a new section, "About this Account", which will provide more details about accounts with large follower counts. Access to the blue badge verification process is also on the cards for all users, and Instagram is...
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Facebook rolls out new Watch video service in the UK and Ireland

After it's initial launch in the US in 2017, Facebook is rolling out its Watch video service globally one year after it launched in the United States with original entertainment news and sports content to compete with platforms like YouTube. Facebook said Watch creators in four new countries (the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand) will be able to profit from their shows via the "Ad Breaks"...
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Facebook is making changes to discourage misuse of personal accounts

Facebook is making a number of changes to their platform to discourage misuse of personal accounts and improve their ecosystem. Here's how the changes impact social media management tools and your use of Facebook for your business: Facebook Profiles: From the 31st July you will no longer be able to post to personal Facebook Profiles using social media management tools and Facebook are cracking...
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Twitter is giving users more characters to express themselves

Every Twitter user has been there, you've composed the perfect tweet but you've got to make cuts to fit your thoughts into 140 characters. Well, those times may soon be over. Twitter wants every user around the world to easily express themselves through their tweets, so they're rolling out (to a limited number of users for now) a longer 280 character limit, in languages impacted...
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Engaging your customers with polls

It’s well knows that engaging your consumers online via social media helps drive traffic to your website and helps build a brand community; the more people that become part of the community you build, the more attached they become to your business. There are numerous ways to make this happen, and one is using polls. While polls might seem minor, they can do a lot for a business by helping...
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Here’s why Twitter’s new DM feature is great news for brands

Twitter has just released a new opt-in direct message (DM) feature that allows anyone to send you a DM, without the need for them to follow you first. Brands, businesses and community managers should give some serious consideration to enabling this new feature and here’s why… It’s less frustrating for the customer if they can engage in a direct conversation with you immediately...
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Our top tips to kickstart your business blog

At O'Brien Media we're firm believers in the importance of having a blog for your business and in this article we're going to run through our top tips for getting your business blog off the ground. You can either create your new blog on a free cloud based service such as Wordpress, Tumblr or Drupal Gardens or add a blog to your existing website (we can help you with that!)...
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