Getting started with Facebook – Creating a Facebook business page

A Facebook page is as essential to your business as a website, we'll explain on this page how to get started and create your own Facebook page for your business. To get set up just visit  and choose the type of page you wish to create.  There’s no limit to the number of pages you can create but for a small business it’s best to start with a page for your core...
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Getting started with Facebook – Why is Facebook good for business?

Facebook is ideally placed to attract new customers and has two main pathways for businesses to attract customers, either via the use of Facebook pages and/or groups (see this article for the differences) or by using Facebook’s paid advertising options (we’ll deal with Facebook advertising in a later article). Facebook allows you to reach people who might not have otherwise known about your...
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Setting a Username for your Facebook Page

Setting up your business page on Facebook is only part of your task when it comes to managing your presence on the site; once you manage to get over the 25 “likes” hurdle you can give your Facebook page a more friendly address by setting your page username. But what does this really mean, and why should you set your page’s username?  Well, this is what your page’s web address will look...
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Facebook Groups & Pages – What’s the Difference?

Facebook provides two methods of sharing your content with people, Facebook Groups and Facebook Business Pages.  Groups are designed primarily with public interaction in mind, and Pages with promotion as their primary function. Facebook Groups Overview of Facebook Groups as a Business Tool Facebook Groups have visibility controls, set by the group owner, to set who can see (and use) your group,...
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Facebook Flushes the Fakes, Pages Lose Likes

Facebook have (finally) started to take action on removing fake accounts and associated fake “likes”, reports TechCrunch. This is the tidy-up, announced at the end of August, is a direct response to the sale of “likes”, in violation of Facebook’s T&C’s. Facebook estimate that this will result in no more than a 1% drop in likes for pages and it’s expected to reduce the number...
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Taking a look at: Floral Thoughts on Facebook

After completing the 2010 re-design of their website. we also put together a Facebook page for Floral Thoughts.  Initially the page wasn't really used but starting in July this year Floral Thoughts started a small scale test with Facebook advertising.  While targeting only a very small group of Facebook users over 20 people visited and 'liked' their page in the space of a week. Even after...
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