Getting started with Facebook – Why is Facebook good for business?

Facebook is ideally placed to attract new customers and has two main pathways for businesses to attract customers, either via the use of Facebook pages and/or groups (see this article for the differences) or by using Facebook’s paid advertising options (we’ll deal with Facebook advertising in a later article).

Facebook allows you to reach people who might not have otherwise known about your business and growth, even without spending money on Facebook advertising, can be rapid if you put the work in and encourage people to visit your Facebook page and spend some time interacting with your Facebook audience.

When people comment on your Facebook page, or answer a question you’ve asked of your Facebook audience, this activity is usually shared with their Facebook friends, thus advertising your business to a second level of people.

Facebook is successful for all types of business but is essential for businesses that have an existing “social” component (like retailers and restaurants) as it allows people to share their positive experiences with their Facebook friends with the click of a mouse!

Ready to get your business page on Facebook? Find out how in our next article!