Taking a look at: Floral Thoughts on Facebook

After completing the 2010 re-design of their website. we also put together a Facebook page for Floral Thoughts.  Initially the page wasn’t really used but starting in July this year Floral Thoughts started a small scale test with Facebook advertising.  While targeting only a very small group of Facebook users over 20 people visited and ‘liked’ their page in the space of a week.

Even after ending their Facebook advertising campaign a steady stream of ‘fans’ keeps coming in and while their page on Facebook isn’t intended specifically as a sales tool it’s brought in a number of sales for the business.

Floral Thoughts use their Facebook page mainly to keep in contact with past customers, posting photos of floral designs that have been created and tips and information on caring for plants and cut flowers.  Facebook also acts as a great platform to increase readership of their website’s blog.

Floral Thoughts are considering advertising their Christmas range on Facebook again during December and using Facebook as a way of showcasing wedding flowers during the Spring of 2012.