Resolving the “Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED” error in Magento

Recently when making some changes on a Magento based store we encountered a mySQL error in the Magento administration pages when trying to delete products which prevented any further products from being deleted. The error message SQLSTATE : Numeric value out of range: 1690 BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in ‘(`YOURDB`.`q`.`items_count` – 1)’ Resolving the error Log...
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Fixing Google Apps Gmail’s

We recently switched our email client software from a mix of Outlook and Thunderbird to Postbox due to it's simplicity and responsiveness (we'd started to find Thunderbird a bit sluggish and Outlook was only used on a couple of PCs), after a few days we started to see authentication errors on our Google Apps email accounts with a error message of "Too many Simultaneous Connections". A bit of...
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Taking a screenshot in Windows

We get asked a lot by customers how to take a screenshot, so here's a quick guide... Capturing Screenshots in all Versions of Windows All versions of Microsoft Windows have the built-in screen capture feature allowing you to capture either the entire screen or a single active window. The two options for capturing a screenshot are listed below: Press the Print Screen (sometimes marked as Prt...
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Resolving Google Drive “The account that you entered does not match” Error

After we switched over some of our email accounts to use a secondary domain name in Google Apps we started having issues with the above error ("The account that you entered does not match...") showing on some computers but not others.  To resolve we needed to delete the Google Drive preferences and cache folders... Close Google Drive from the taskbar - the Google Drive icon is at the bottom...
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Setting a Username for your Facebook Page

Setting up your business page on Facebook is only part of your task when it comes to managing your presence on the site; once you manage to get over the 25 “likes” hurdle you can give your Facebook page a more friendly address by setting your page username. But what does this really mean, and why should you set your page’s username?  Well, this is what your page’s web address will look...
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