Getting started with Facebook – Creating a Facebook business page

A Facebook page is as essential to your business as a website, we’ll explain on this page how to get started and create your own Facebook page for your business.

To get set up just visit  and choose the type of page you wish to create.  There’s no limit to the number of pages you can create but for a small business it’s best to start with a page for your core business.

  • Local business or place – allows you to enter opening hours, parking information, price range and the address of your business
  • Company, organisation or institution – allows you to include when your business was founded, a description of the company and information such as mission statement.  If your marketing is service based or your brand is very much about the company then this is the category for you
  • Brand or product – includes product launch date, information about and contact details. This is the option to choose if your business is all about your product and not about your business
  • Artist, band or public figure – this option is great for individuals and consultants. This gives you all the benefits of a business page, but with the personal touch of the page being about you! Often people do this through a personal profile. Whilst that has its benefits it limits you to 5,000 “friends” (whereas a Facebook page has no such limits).

Once you’ve selected your page type you’ll be asked a few questions about your business, such as the category your business fits into, and things like a description, date founded/opened and contact details – fill these out as fully as possible (although you can update these at any time after you’ve created your page).

Once you’ve filled out all of the information required you’ll have your very own Facebook business page!