New privacy rules in Europe cause Facebook to withdraw some Inbox features

Due to new privacy rules in Europe, Facebook has withdrawn some business-related Inbox features, and messaging-related insights may be unavailable for messages delivered to or from people or businesses based in Europe. Other messaging features that will be affected include:

Organic Messaging Features

Some organic messaging features within your Page Inbox and Facebook Business Suite Inbox may be unavailable, such as the Email and Contact list tabs. Other unavailable features that have been withdrawn can be found on a dedicated page on Facebook’s help site.

The Facebook App, and Messaging

You may not be able to access your Page’s messages through the Facebook App, so you’ll need to use Messenger or the Inbox in Facebook Business Suite to manage messages to your Page.

Messaging-Related Metrics

Historical data will continue to be available in reporting surfaces for both European and non-European locations, but certain metrics may no longer be logged and reported for businesses based in Europe.

For businesses outside Europe that receive messages from both European and non-European locations, messaging-related metrics may display partial data relating to the non-European locations.