Enhancing Accessibility with our New ‘View in Browser’ Feature

At O’Brien Media, we continually strive to improve our communication and ensure that it’s accessible to all our valued customers. We understand the diverse needs of our audience and are excited to announce a significant update that enhances accessibility and user experience: the introduction of a “View in Browser” link at the top of all our emails.

Why the ‘View in Browser’ Feature Matters

Accessibility is at the heart of our mission. We believe that everyone, regardless of their abilities, should have unimpeded access to information. This new feature significantly benefits those using screen readers, as it ensures smoother navigation and a better reading experience.

  1. Improved Compatibility: Not all email clients are created equal. Some might not display our emails as intended. By clicking “View in Browser,” you can see the email in its optimal format, exactly as we designed it.
  2. Enhanced Readability: For our customers who prefer or require larger text, contrasting colours, or a different screen layout for easier reading, the browser version of our emails will be more accommodating.
  3. Increased Reliability: Ever had an issue with images not loading or links not functioning in an email? The browser version eliminates these problems, offering a more reliable way to view important content.

Covering All Bases: Invoices, Support, and Marketing Emails

This feature isn’t just for our newsletters or marketing emails. We understand the importance of accessibility in all forms of communication. That’s why we’re implementing the “View in Browser” link across the board – including in your invoices, support emails, and, of course, marketing communications.

Invoices: You’ll now have a fail-safe way to view and manage your financial interactions with us, ensuring no detail is missed.

Support Emails: For those seeking assistance, the clarity and accessibility of our support emails are paramount. The browser view will provide an enhanced, user-friendly experience.

Marketing Emails: Stay up-to-date with our latest offerings and news in the most accessible format possible.

A Step Towards Inclusivity

At O’Brien Media, we believe in breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive environment for all our customers. The “View in Browser” feature is more than a convenience; it’s a step towards greater accessibility and inclusivity, aligning with our core values of respect and customer-centric service.

We’re excited for you to experience this new feature and welcome any feedback. Together, let’s make the web a more accessible place for everyone.

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements as we continue to make our services more accessible and user-friendly.

Your Partner in Digital Excellence,
The O’Brien Media Team