We’re going to be exhibiting at the 2023 South West Business Expo, Swindon

As Summer gets well into gear the South West Business Expo by Great British Expos, one of the region’s premier business events, comes to the forefront once again. With its doors wide open on Thursday 20th July at the well-known STEAM Museum in Swindon, the Expo is set to welcome over eighty exhibitors, of which we will be one, and a multitude of delegates, all aiming to illuminate their brands and drive their businesses forward.

A Gathering of Enterprise

The Great British Expos is not just another business event; it’s a beacon of opportunity. It’s a platform where companies from a variety of industries are encouraged to exhibit their distinctive offerings, and where delegates have the chance to explore, learn, and engage.

The Expo is free to attend, with the only requirement being a simple pre-registration, making it an accessible platform for all who wish to broaden their business horizons.

The Power of Exhibition: A World of Brands

The heart of the Expo is a vibrant array of exhibitors, each ready to display their unique brands and innovative ideas. This year is expected to surpass previous ones in exhibitor numbers, promising an expansive diversity guaranteed to stimulate and inspire.

Illuminating the Path: Seminars and Speakers

Beyond the exhibitors, the Great British Expos showcases the wisdom of the UK’s most esteemed entrepreneurial speakers. These experts, armed with a wealth of experience and knowledge, are set to inspire attendees with their captivating keynotes.

Complementing the speakers, a host of educational seminars aim to impart valuable knowledge on various business aspects, equipping attendees with practical strategies to enhance their business operations.

Engaging Workshops: Sharpening Your Skills

One of the distinctive features of the Expo is its interactive workshops. With a focus on active engagement, these workshops allow delegates to refine their skills, delve into the nitty-gritty of business strategies, and foster their enterprise growth.

Finance: A Foundation for Growth

Understanding and managing finances effectively is key to any successful business. The Expo shines a light on this crucial aspect, with dedicated segments on raising capital, securing funding, and harnessing the power of grants.

The SME Community: Connecting Regionally

Sponsored by SME Today, the Expo brings together regional SMEs, fostering a supportive community. It’s not all about networking; it’s about community-building, sharing experiences, learning from others, and collectively growing stronger.

The incentive to Attend: Exhibitor Offers

Finally, there’s the compelling prospect of exhibitor offers. These are exclusive incentives, which combined, could be worth up to £10,000. A persuasive reason to attend, wouldn’t you say?

Shaping Your Business Journey

The Great British Expos is a testament to the thriving spirit of British entrepreneurship. It invites you to explore, learn, and enhance your business in a supportive and engaging environment.

To join us on this inspiring journey, simply pre-register on the booking page.