DNS, Website Hosting, and Their Differences Explained Simply

In the bustling digital marketplace, having a website is akin to having a storefront in the real world. Just as you'd want your physical store to be easily accessible and well-maintained, your website needs certain tools and services to function smoothly. Two of these essential tools are DNS and website hosting. But what are they, and how do they differ? Let's break it down in plain English. What...
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The Internet Archive is great, here’s why!

Here at O’Brien Media, we can use the Internet Archive (archive.org) to recover content for your old site for your new website! This blog post will tell you about the advantages of using the service as well as how you can also use the Internet Archive for your own enjoyment! What is the Internet Archive? It is a service where you able to go back to a particular time to view what websites looked...
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The art of a good testimonial

Having a testimonial page is an essential way in which you can showcase how your customers really feel. What’s better than hearing the experience of a customer directly from them? It allows for potential customers to feel more confident about using your services when they see how you have helped others. You can also connect with your audience on an emotional level and help improve your...
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