coffee plant shop on the street with people walking infront of the shop

Ian Henshall of Coffee Plant provides his perspective of 2020

We here at O’Brien Media have asked our customers how they have found 2020 to be. Through the various lockdowns and guidelines, Ian Henshall shares how they and Coffee Plant have coped throughout these testing and unprecedented times, with views from Ian’s Accountable Democracy UK blog. They also share how we here at O’Brien Media have helped them throughout the year.

Coffee Plant's shop has benefited from strong community support in Notting Hill (yes, Hugh Grant does live nearby, but not Julia Roberts) while our mail order has obviously increased along with everyone else's.

The guys at O'Brien Media have been very helpful, and we had a good result with the mailing list they extracted from our database.

Here is our plan to get out of this mess and save the planet.

Have a rolling cycle of pre-scheduled total lockdowns of three weeks followed by one week of freedom. Introduce a universal basic income that would hugely improve the mental health crisis and the spread of the virus caused by poverty. Pay for it by stopping the expensive furlough system and taxing the massive winnings that Amazon and other sectors of big business have made from Covid.

Ian Henshall, Coffee Plant Ltd, London

Ian runs Coffee Plant Ltd in London where they specialise in pure arabica coffees (both organic and Fairtrade!) and also run a coffee shop in the heart of London’s Portobello Road market.