The Recipe for a Successful Logo

Creating a logo isn’t about packing as many clipart images as you can into one place and adding some text.  A logo should be a window into the heart of your organisation, it’s purpose to give people a feeling about your business, charity or organisation; a positive feeling at that and one that makes them feel at ease about approaching you.

Some of the most successful logos contain only words and colours – think eBay, Google, and Next – all have chosen to use their brand names and colours that give subconsciously tell people something about each business.

eBay and Google use friendly, bold typefaces and different coloured lettering to give a friendly impression and a sense that their services are easy to use.  Next’s use of lower case lettering, a simple clean font and signature monochrome colouring give an impression of seriousness and reliability (to me at least!).  All three use their logos as just part of a wider brand strategy, which enforces the values they stand for an makes their logo’s instantly recognisable.

If a text (or “logotype”) style isn’t for you, serious consideration should be given to what your organisation’s core values are, as well as the type of customer you are trying to attract. With abstract elements used as “icons” with the purpose of telling the person something about your organisation – these don’t need to be literal so think of the feelings and emotions you want to evoke when people see your logo.

As I said, a logo is more than just a word or image; it’s something that should become the cornerstone of your organisation for years to come.

If you’re brand is in need of a bit of a refresh get in touch, we’d be more than happy to discuss how we can help you achieve a logo and brand design that benefits your business.