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Examples, Tips, and Ideas for Easter Email Marketing

We’re just a few days away from Easter, on Sunday, April 17. It’s time to start thinking about Easter email marketing. We’ve got some tips, tricks, and fun examples to keep your audience engaged in your Easter promotions.

Let’s Dig In!

It is a very profitable holiday for most businesses from a business standpoint.

A recent survey found that nearly 8 out of 10 Americans celebrated Easter last year, and more than half of those who didn’t took advantage of Easter promotions.

Easter might not be as widespread as Christmas or Mother’s Day, but in terms of sales, it is more popular than Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and even Halloween.

In 2021, Easter sales reached $21.6 billion. Shoppers spent an average of $179 on Easter gifts and celebrations with friends and family.

In a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, US adults were asked what they planned to buy for Easter. The most popular choices were food, candy, and gifts.

Unsurprisingly, more than ever before, customers will shop online for Easter deals instead of going to malls.

Apart from the religious undertones, Easter is a festive holiday centred on gift-giving and family gatherings.

You can expect to see a jump in ecommerce sales with the right holiday email marketing strategy.

To get the most value from your Easter email marketing campaign, we will help you choose the right theme and content.

How Do You Write an Easter Email Campaign?

Sales around Easter are expected.

Sure, wishing your customers a happy Easter would be nice. However, why not surprise them with an Easter treat?

Your everyday marketing can be spiced up with a fun Easter email blast.

First, you’ll want to decide whether to include an Easter egg and what kind it will be. More on that later.

Then you’ll need to decide whether you’d like your Easter email to simply have content with an Easter theme in your regular newsletter or whether it should be a separate Easter email promotion.

Are You Sending Easter Emails on Time?

Most people begin planning their Easter celebrations in late January – 38% plan their Easter celebrations by that date.

A large part of the planning entails making travel and vacation arrangements that suit the holiday calendar. 2 out of 5 Americans will attend a family gathering or meet up with close friends.

If your Easter weekend special involves extended travel or an out-of-the-way trip, promote it as early as January.

Include upfront costs so that your customers can plan accordingly. Offering early bird discounts will benefit you.

Is your business planning an Easter weekend shopping spree or an Easter Sunday discount bonanza? Consider creating a teaser series for your Easter email campaign.

Your Easter email campaign will have a higher open rate if you stick to the best time to send it.

How should you compose your Easter email?

Ensure your promotional email campaigns engage your audience to get the best conversion rates.

Spend time building your subscriber list early so that your beautiful Easter emails don’t end up in spam inboxes.

Invest in building your own list, not buying one. Tell your audience about holiday offers on social media instead. Encourage your followers to subscribe to your newsletter so they can stay informed about special offers, including your upcoming Easter event.

You can segment your email subscribers. Make sure each offer meets customer needs individually.