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The art of a good testimonial

Having a testimonial page is an essential way in which you can showcase how your customers really feel. What’s better than hearing the experience of a customer directly from them?

It allows for potential customers to feel more confident about using your services when they see how you have helped others. You can also connect with your audience on an emotional level and help improve your company’s personality.

This blog post will go into all the key details you need to consider when creating a testimonial page for your website.

The use of headlines

  • Having a compelling headline for each of your quotes means that it catches the reader’s eye.
  • Using a larger, bold font means that the reader is drawn to the testimonial.
  • Using the customer quote as the headline is a good approach.

Using testimonials from a variety of customers

  • Having multiple testimonials can be advantageous, however, customers like to see variety.
  • The use of customers from different backgrounds and businesses highlights the range of people your business can support.

Use pictures and videos

  • Utilising pictures and videos allow for the potential customer to see that there is a link with the quote and the customers do really exist!
  • This allows customers to build trust as they are able to see the context and the story behind the testimonial.

Highlight the key aspects and use white space

  • Sometimes testimonials can be a wall of text, which customers may not want to read.
  • Highlighting key aspects in bold allow for customers to see the important parts of testimonials, so they can easily be drawn to it.
  • The use of white space allows for the quote to be easy to read meaning that it is aesthetically pleasing.

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