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The Internet Archive is great, here’s why!

Here at O’Brien Media, we can use the Internet Archive ( to recover content for your old site for your new website!

This blog post will tell you about the advantages of using the service as well as how you can also use the Internet Archive for your own enjoyment!

What is the Internet Archive?

It is a service where you able to go back to a particular time to view what websites looked like.

It has over 544 billion pages in its archive since its 1996 launch!

How it is beneficial to your new website?

If you have a website that is no longer active, we may be able to recover a previous version using the Internet Archive.

This means that we can transfer any content, as well as any visual elements that you would like on your new site.

You can have a look at this site that we did for Cirencester Scrap and Recycling, in which the Internet Archive was used for the retrieval of content.

Have a look at the Internet Archive yourself…

You can use the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive to have a look at a website of your choosing and go back in time!

How about looking at Apple in 1999 and seeing what it was like back then?

How we can help at O’Brien Media

If you would like a new website, please get in touch with one of our friendly team!