a woman checking her mail on a desktop

The new Outlook on the web is coming, with a modern design, and new features

Microsoft may have been one of the first movers when they acquired Hotmail back in the 1990s, eventually renaming it to Outlook.com after a brief diversion to Windows Live. It’s been updated yet again, with Outlook.com switching to a new look this week after a period of testing and Office 365 Outlook on the web users being given the new look from July 22nd. 

The new Outlook on the web should deliver what Microsoft have said will be a faster and more modern experience for its users at work and home, and covers email and calendar.

The company has been testing productivity-enhancing features like Categories and improved search for the past eight months with users who opted into the new Outlook. It’s now ready to deliver that revamp to all its millions of users worldwide.

Of course, Microsoft had to add dark mode to Outlook on the web and emojis too. Within an email, there’s a sun icon next to the reply button that lets users “turn the lights on” within individual messages.

desktop display an outlook account

The Outlook calendar now gives an overview of upcoming events in the month view, while users at work get a faster way to create online meetings. The dropdown menu for ‘Add online meeting’ lets users choose between a Skype meeting or one using Microsoft’s Slack killer, Teams. Users can also see other attendees’ responses to meetings with a new summary in the event peek and in the invite itself.

Microsoft has also bundled in a new version of Tasks that syncs tasks with To-Do. When users flag an email it automatically gets added to the To-Do list.

Microsoft will start rolling out the new Outlook on the web as the default experience from July 22nd, 2019 and aim to complete the rollout process by September 2019.

a woman checking her mail on a desktop

What does this mean for Office 365 Administrators?

Starting on July 22, 2019, the new Outlook on the web will become the default experience for Mail, Calendar, and People and Microsoft will remove the opt-in toggle. With this change, users will not be able to move back or see the classic experience. This change will override the PowerShell command which previously blocked the opt-in toggle.

Microsoft will start rolling out the new Outlook on the web as the default experience on July 22nd to Targeted Release customers, and following with non Targeted Release customers on August 3rd, the rollout will be completed for all customers by the end of September 2019.

For more information from Microsoft visit the Outlook blog.