How Google’s Helpful Content Update Will Impact Your Small Business

Google has recently announced an update to their search algorithm, which they call the “helpful content update”. This update is aimed at improving the quality of search results by rewarding websites that provide helpful and informative content to users. In this blog post, we will discuss what the update entails and how it will impact small businesses.

Firstly, it is important to note that this update is not a major overhaul of the search algorithm.

Rather, it is a refinement that aims to improve the relevance and usefulness of search results. The update uses machine learning to better understand the intent behind a user’s query and to identify high-quality content that answers that query in a helpful way.

Rewarding websites with informative content

One of the key ways that this update will impact small businesses is by rewarding websites that provide in-depth and informative content. This means that businesses that take the time to create high-quality content that answers their customers’ questions in a helpful way are likely to see an increase in their search rankings. On the other hand, websites that provide shallow or low-quality content will see their rankings drop.

Another way that this update will impact small businesses is by making it more important than ever to understand their customers’ needs and create content that meets those needs. This means that businesses will need to conduct thorough research to identify the questions and concerns that their customers have, and then create content that addresses those issues in a helpful and informative way.

Keywords in content and SEO

The helpful content update also has implications for the use of keywords in the content. While keywords are still important for search engine optimization (SEO), the update will reward websites that use keywords in a natural and helpful way, rather than simply stuffing them into content in an attempt to rank higher.

This means that businesses will need to focus on creating content that is not only keyword-rich but also genuinely useful to their customers.

Another important aspect of the helpful content update is that it will reward websites that have a good user experience (UX). This means that businesses will need to ensure that their website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, and provides a good overall user experience. Websites that provide a poor user experience are likely to see their rankings drop, even if they have high-quality content.

Moreover, businesses must also understand the importance of mobile responsiveness. The helpful content update emphasises the importance of mobile-friendliness and will prioritize mobile-responsive websites in search engine results.

As more people access the internet through mobile devices, it is essential that small businesses prioritize mobile optimization to ensure that their website is accessible to all users.

Indications of a broader trend recognising UX

Finally, it is worth noting that the helpful content update is part of a broader trend towards prioritising user experience and helpfulness in search results. In recent years, Google has introduced several updates aimed at rewarding websites that provide high-quality content and a good user experience.

This means that small businesses that focus on creating helpful and informative content and providing a good user experience are likely to see long-term benefits in terms of search engine rankings and overall online visibility.

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