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Houseplant craze explained: Indoor jungles

Houseplants are spreading like weeds

Do you know what this space needs? Maybe more plants.

According to Input Magazine, thousands of people have been telling themselves this throughout the pandemic, leading to an explosion in the online plant community (and an influx of plant-obsessed hoarders such as our own Chris Grant).

Social media is buzzing with houseplant frenzy

The following platforms have been attracting enthusiasts:

  • There are more than 500k members in the House Plant Hobbyist Facebook group
  • There are 956k members of the r/houseplants subreddit on Reddit
  • There were 4.3 billion views of the #plantsoftiktok hashtag on TikTok

In 2021, “how to move with plants” was Googled more than “how to move with kids” or “how to move with pets.”

A new type of influencer emerged as well

It is common for “plantfluencers” to have hundreds of plants, and they can help guide new hobbyists down the rabbit hole by showing them what plants to get and how to care for them.

The benefits of plants!

Improved moods and reduced stress are two benefits of this hobby; plants can also clean indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen.

Our own Chris Grant is a huge plant advocate “As a self-confessed plant addict one of my first moves when we opened our new Pembroke Centre office in Swindon was to start adding plants” says Chris. “We were lucky to find Fern & Ivy, run by the very plant-passionate Kate who helped us fill our space with all sorts of plants, suited to the various environments that an office inevitably has, and my team love the green. fresh, space that it has created“.

Interested in joining the craze and absorbing its benefits? Check out Fern & Ivy’s online store or in-store in Cirencester Town Centre.