Microsoft’s mobile push notifications

Mobile Push Notifications for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are now features of Microsoft's Office 365 solution. The new functionality is being rolled our to all customers and Microsoft expect to have this rollout completed by December 31, 2016. This new feature will allow Office 365 users to receive mobile push notifications when other people share files and folders with them from...
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3 reasons why your business should have a client portal

Client portals can give companies a significant competitive edge by saving money through reduced overheads and streamlined business processes. Client portals also allow for a greater two-way flow of information for businesses looking to create stronger relationships with their clients, customers or partners. In this article, we'll cover the top three reasons why your business needs to...
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Efficiency in the Cloud with Office 365

Cloud based services offer businesses the opportunity to subscribe to the latest software technology without having to pay out every time you need to update your software or move to a new platform. Microsoft are juggernauts in the software industry and are making strikes in the cloud based software marketplace. With Office 365, you and your staff can have Microsoft's world renowned office suite...
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Communicate Anytime, Anywhere with Hosted Exchange Solutions

The way businesses are run in modern times means that communication is the centerpiece of every well run and successful business. The ability to communicate easily and effectively could mean the difference between success and failure. Hosted Exchange enables you and your employees to contact, collaborate and share wherever they are. A hosted Exchange solution is ideal for growing businesses to...
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