EURid to terminate .eu domains registered to UK addresses following Brexit

Following advice from the European Commission, EURid (European Registry for Internet Domains) has confirmed via their website that anyone without an EU postal address will no longer be able to own a .eu domain name once the UK leaves the EU. EURid will therefore be terminating all .eu domain names registered to UK addresses on one of two dates: 30 March 2019 if the UK exits the EU with no deal 1...
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Our top 4 reasons to own more than one domain name for your business

Over the years we've owned quite a large number of domain names, from variations on our business name such as, common misspellings like, and even for specific products and services we offer such as and This isn't to play to our vanity but to protect our business and brand from others who might - either intentionally or...
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Have you secured your new shorter, sharper, .uk domain name?

​On 10 June 2014, Nominet (the organisation that manages UK domain names) made .uk domain names available for the first time – alongside,, and so on. Nominet reserved over 10 million .uk domains for existing domain name holders. This means that, for example, as we held the registration of ‘’ prior to 10th June 2014, Nominet reserved the right...
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Don’t be misled if you get an email from IGN Domains

Over the past couple of weeks we've received calls and emails from a few customers about an email they have received from a "company" called IGN Domains asking them to confirm they are the registered owner of their domain name and informing them that, in all cases, someone is trying to register the same name on "7 domain extensions".  The email also invited the customer to get in touch with IGN...
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