Grow your business with a responsive, mobile friendly, website

Responsive websites are viewed comfortably on any device available. Users of these websites should not need to resize or pan in order to make sense of the content they view. The need for scrolling should also be reasonable for such a website. Many organisations serve entirely different versions of their websites to users using mobile devices and desktop computers.

Why go responsive

As many people now view web pages on devices other than desktop computers and on a variety of screen sizes, you can increase the number of people who are aware of your business and develop a good impression of it. One reason for the increase in popularity of alternative devices is that they are very convenient.

People who are frequently on the road can view websites easily on a tablet PC or smart phone, and they often use these devices to find out which new businesses in their area to visit. Business which have websites which are difficult to view on devices like these might be overlooked by this demographic, which is comprised by people growing in number.

A more accessible website also creates the opportunity for easy referrals. A customer can inform others of his or her good experience with your business and display your website on a smart phone, providing potential customers with your business’ name, contact information, and location.

Finally, having a responsive website provides a fast and easy means for customers who use mobile devices to communicate with your business. By attracting many visitors to your website, you can use web based forms to control how customers contact your, as well as how to organise the enquires that are received. For example, the contact page could instruct a user to select his or her topic of interest, and messages can then be sorted, sent to a specific email address, and handled in certain ways depending on the topic of the enquiry. Techniques like this can make communication with your business more effective and can cut down the administrative burden of receiving many unsorted messages. Accessible contact information on websites can also make it easy for customers find out how to contact your business using methods they feel comfortable with, such as text messaging or even social media.