Web design: Keep it simple (your visitors will thank you!)

When it comes to designing a website, experience (and a lot of research, feedback and data analysis), has taught us to stick to the “keep it simple” rule to create a site that your visitors will love.

You wouldn’t cram retail or office space with clutter so resist the urge to cram as much information onto your website as possible.  Less is more when it comes to most of the pages on your website, a simple homepage, clear contact information page and streamlined product pages are all the order of the day.

Keep your homepage clutter free

Strong images and simple and powerful wording will get more attention than paragraphs of small text that your visitors just won’t read.

Stay on point

Don’t stray too far from the subject of the page you are writing copy for. if it’s an “About our team” page don’t stray into details of your products or services.

Keep font choices simple

Pick two fonts/typefaces (one for headings and one for the page content) and stick with them throughout your site, removing the need for your visitors to adjust to the new typeface.

Don’t go colour crazy

When it comes to the text content of your pages – stick with single colour body text and if you want to introduce colour do so sparingly and consistently.

Make your point early

Make your point in your opening paragraph. Assume that your customers will only read the first paragraph of each page, if you haven’t made your case by the start of the second paragraph you’ll lose their attention.