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Do you want to recruit staff via your website and ditch agency fees?

Whether it’s a single role, or recruiting staff for a new office, if you’ve got a WordPress website we can get your WordPress website set up so that you can recruit staff without having to pay listing or agency fees – just a single license fee for the WordPress plugin and until the end of October (2019) we’ll install the plugin for free if you’re an O’Brien Media website design or website hosting customer.

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Our plugin of choice allows you to not only advertise vacancies in a structured way on your website but also allows candidates to submit their details, covering letter, and CV via an easy to use online form.  You can then review the applicants and shortlist candidates with the plugin handling all of the communication via easily modified email templates. 

Once you’ve selected your shortlist you can then contact the candidates directly to arrange interviews and references saving you heaps of time in the recruitment process and removing the need for recruitment agency or job listing fees.

For more information please get in touch and we’ll be happy to send you additional information and pricing.

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